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ovarian wellbeing roadshow – the power of colour

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Target Ovarian Cancer Wellbeing Roadshow.

Thursday (25th Nov) saw my colour colleague and I hold two workshops for Target Ovarian Cancer as part of their Wellbeing Roadshow. The theme for our workshops was ‘The Power of Colour, Looking Good & Feeling Great!’

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all wrapped up

All wrapped up - check radiators working correctly and windows are well sealed.

Check all radiators are working correctly and each window is well sealed.

There’s definitely a chill in the air and that can only mean winter is on its way.  When it comes to the condition of your rental property’s interiors, how well are you prepared for the long cold winter ahead?

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do you know what message your branding colours are saying?

“People make a subconscious judgement about a person, environment or product within 90 seconds of viewing it. Between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on colour alone” – The CCICOLOR-Institute

Beyond the Words, why colour is important
We are constantly processing information, looking for meaning to what we see. Before we had the spoken language, our primary signaling system, our language was colour. In nature, red, black and yellow signal danger, warning to stay away and not safe to eat. For example; red back spider and wasps.

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My new website is live!

Homepage screen shot for karen haller colour & design

Over the past several months I’ve ever so quietly been working with Top Left Design on my new website.   I wanted a website that could showcase the depth of my work, be interactive and be that little bit special, and I am really happy with the end result.

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Bathing Bliss

Bathing Bliss - beautiful bathing products. This opens a new browser window.

Create a spa bathroom at home with beautiful products.

The indulgence of daily pampering, oh what bliss…

Other than cleaning our body, the bathroom is the ideal place to pamper ourselves. Relaxing with natural light, music, surrounding yourself with colour and aromas is the ideal way to de-stress and take some time out for ourselves. It’s all about nurturing the senses. If this sounds like your dream bathroom, here are some tips how you can easily create your own spa bathroom at home.

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