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colour & design surgery – the problem of muddy paws

Newsletter - 2011 Apr - muddy paws.

Here are the adorable culprits. Out playing and getting their paws muddy!

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers.

Question:  I really like neutral colours in my interiors but I have two dogs with muddy feet who have ruined my beige carpet.  What can I do instead?
– Tasmin Fox-Davies

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5 simple steps to make your own cushion

Make your own cushion - beaded cushion.

Cushions are a simple and effective way to inject colour and personality into your interiors.  They also make a beautiful personalised gift.  If you’re a bower bird like me and have a box full of ribbons, bits of fabric, odd buttons and sparkles, here’s a way you can put them to creative use.

Claire-Louise, renowned West End costumier who runs The ThriftyStitcher has kindly shared her 5 simple steps to making your own cushion.  She’s also giving 10% discount on all her classes (see end of blog for details).

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branding – why red & yellow is used by the fast food industry

Branding - red and yellow colours used in branding.

When you think of red & yellow do any brands come to mind?… I’m guessing you thought of a fast food brand. That is because they predominantly used red and yellow? This isn’t by accident.  The feelings, the mood this combination of colours emits is perfect for their target market.

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3 easy steps to banish your home’s winter blues

Banish home winter blues - spacious interior with plants. This opens a new browser window.

Having survived the post festive season blues, we find ourselves in the burst of Spring. It’s the season that represents new growth, new beginnings, a fresh start.

If your home feels like it’s still suffering from the winter blues, here are 3 easy steps to get your spring cleaning off to a blooming start, injecting an abundance of life and light into your home!

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colour & design events april 2011

Looking at inpsiring colour and design events, exhibition and tradeshows around the world for April from the UK, Italy and Australia.

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st patrick’s day – why green…?

St Patrick's Day - shamrock. This opens a new browser window.

St Patrick’s Day celebrates the patron saint of Ireland. But how did the colour green become associated with St Patrick? Continue reading

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an interview with…. primelocation’s nigel lewis

Prime - This opens a new browser window.

Following on from the success of the Property Blogs Awards I thought I’d see who the man was behind the scenes, what inspired him to start the awards and how he sees the future of the UK property market.  I just love how a foreign investor wanted to buy an entire village… classic!

Enjoy an interview with… Nigel Lewis, Head of Content at Primelocation.

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don’t think you can have a stylish home if you have pets? Here’s how…

Stylish home & pets - dogs on bed. This opens a new browser window.

The UK has long been known as a nation of animal lovers with over 21 million cats and dogs! For many it would seem unthinkable to banish them outdoors and not share the home with them.

Just because you have pets doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish, beautiful home.  Here’s my top 5 tips how to create a stylish home yet still allowing the freedom for your furry friends to be part of the family.

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colours in nature – the changing colours of sunset

Colours in nature - Yorkshire sunset slice violet to yellow.

I just love to sit and take the time to watch the setting sun, to see the colours change from deep violets through to golden yellows, reds and even pinks.  I was recently in Yorkshire visiting a friends and what a joy to see the most beautiful sunset.

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