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colour & design surgery – the problem of muddy paws

Newsletter - 2011 Apr - muddy paws.

Here are the adorable culprits. Out playing and getting their paws muddy!

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers.

Question:  I really like neutral colours in my interiors but I have two dogs with muddy feet who have ruined my beige carpet.  What can I do instead?
– Tasmin Fox-Davies

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5 simple steps to make your own cushion

Make your own cushion - beaded cushion.

Cushions are a simple and effective way to inject colour and personality into your interiors.  They also make a beautiful personalised gift.  If you’re a bower bird like me and have a box full of ribbons, bits of fabric, odd buttons and sparkles, here’s a way you can put them to creative use.

Claire-Louise, renowned West End costumier who runs The ThriftyStitcher has kindly shared her 5 simple steps to making your own cushion.  She’s also giving 10% discount on all her classes (see end of blog for details).

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