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personal colours – is black slimming…?

personal colour - is black slimming?

In Western society, designers, media and retailers often state black is slimming, yet they don’t explain what they base this on… This got me thinking about the properties of black in relation to this commonly held belief.

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colour branding – how choosing the wrong cultural colour can cost you sales

colour branding - the power of colour in culture.

Given the global village we are now living in and how easy it is to get your products and services in front of a global market, have you stopped to consider the message your choice of colour may be saying to those from different cultures?

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do you dream in colour?

Dreaming in colour - Davina MacKail Dream Whisperer.

In our every day waking life colour has a huge impact on our moods and feelings (either learnt associations to that colour or an unconscious psychological response).  Which got me to thinking … what significance does colour have in our dreams…?
So who better to ask than Davina MacKail, the UK’s Dream Whisperer.

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creating your very own dreamwall…

Creating your very own dreamwall - Capitone. This opens a new browser window.

Watch any interior style programme and they’ll talk about creating a statement, an impact. This month’s interior design article is about just that … how to turn your wall into a stunning design statement. And there’s a 15% discount offer at the end!

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colour & design surgery…do world events influence color trends?

Colour & Design Surgery - do world events influence color trends. This opens a new browser window.

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers.

Question: “Do world events influence color trends?”
– reader, Ke Robinson.

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colours in nature – how to make a rainbow

Colours in nature - double rainbow. This opens a new browser window.

In the third of my colour in nature series, I look at how nature creates a rainbow and its many colours.

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world’s most unusual hotels… the magic mountain

Magic Mountain - exterior image. This opens a new browser window.

In the sixth of my world’s most unusual hotels series, I’m featuring the Magic Mountain Hotel, in the Huilo Huilo reserve, Chile.

The amazing feature of this hotel is its exterior which is covered by a cascading waterfall!  And that swing bridge, how much fun would that be!

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colour & design diary august 2011

Colour & Design diary - August 2011. This opens a new browser window.

Each month I search out inspiring colour and design events, exhibitions and tradeshows from the UK and around the world. August is a somewhat quiet month, but the exhibitions on offer are no less fascinating.

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