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personal branding colours… how to stand out at this year’s work christmas party

Personal branding colours - christmas party. This opens a new browser window

It’s that time of year. You’ve received your invitation to your work Christmas party.  You’re all excited… but have you given any thought to what colour are you going to wear?

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business branding colour- how coca cola turned santa red

Business branding colour- how coca cola turned santa red. This opens a new browser window

This would have to be one of the best marketing coups. A company taking an iconic figure and moulding it to represent their brand. All through using their brand colour.

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interiors – personalising christmas with colour

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If you’re wondering how you can move away from the traditional Christmas colours of forest green and holly red and inject some of your own personal style this season, here are three very different styles and colour palletes to inspire you.

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one day, two great events: blue, the world’s favourite colour & why denim never fades

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Is blue your favourite colour? Well you’re not alone if it is.  It just happens to be the world’s favourite colour!  And a good friend of mine and fellow Colour Group GB member, Janet Best, is putting on a fabulous all day event all about the colour blue.  The morning session will be on the fascinating “History of Blue” whilst the afternoon event focuses on “Why denim never fades”.

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2011 colours – crown paints retrospective

On the 3rd November I had the pleasure of being invited to the Crown Paints Press Launch  2012 where they announced their new colour trends for the new year.

The event took place at the glamorous Swarovski Crystallized Lounge, a venue where I’ve been lucky enough to attend several  industry events.

Even though this event was to showcase their 2012 spring/summer trends colours, I was really interested to see what their most popular colours were for 2011.  I just loved this display, it reminded me of being in a sweet shop!

Crown Paints 2011 colour range.

Looking at the Crown trend colours for 2011, the Top Sellers shows that homeowners are definitely getting more bold in their colour choices.  The colourful Top Sellers was a pink called Fairy Dust,  Ra Ra Red, Olive Press and the neutrals were Ivory Cream and Smoulder.

Good news is the most popular colours from this year will carried forward and promoted within the Crown Paints colour guide for 2012. This is a retail brochure produced annually which shows all Crown colours.

Next month I’ll be writing about the 2012 spring/summer trends colours which were chosen by Crown’s very own expert colour panel.

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colour in art … black and white, perfect pairing for religious art

Colour in art - black and white - Artist Justyna Sowa Religious Milk series 'St Mary of the Trumpets'.

A friend of mine, Justyna Sowa, is having her first solo art exhibition titled “Religious Milk”.  I noticed that her work, not only having a religious theme but each piece was in black and white. This got me thinking about the symbolic significance of the colours in relation to her theme.

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colour & design surgery… how to use brown in my interiors without looking like a ’70’s flashback

Colour and design surgery - brown and gold luxury bed banner. This opens a new browser window.

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers.

Question: “I’d like to know how to use brown in my interiors so that it looks all luxurious and rich and dark (like chocolate!) rather than 70’s polyesterish. It seems to be a fine line!”
– reader, Tamsin Fox-Davies.

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colour & design diary november 2011

Colour and Design diary November 2011. This opens a new browser window.

Each month I search out inspiring colour and design events, exhibitions and tradeshows from the UK and around the world. There’s a great variety of events happening this month…

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