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business branding colours… what are you saying when you wear pink

Business Branding uniforms - pink - Hello Kitty. This opens a new browser window.

Companies who have a staff uniform are looking to gain maximum brand recognition and brand awareness, and it helps the staff be easily identifiable. Those companies who wear pink uniforms are looking to instil the feeling of being helpful in a caring, nurturing way. This not only instils these positive characteristics in their staff but to project this to their customers too.

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business interiors – the colour pink. how to use your brand colour in the workplace

Business Interiors - pink - Peggy Porschen Cakes. This opens a new browser window.

A great way to increase brand recognition is by using your brand colour within your client face areas within your store, boutique or office interiors.

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business branding colours… meaning of pink

Business Branding - pink - Peggy Porschen. This opens a new browser window

When I started researching for this article, I didn’t realise I would find so many businesses that use pink as their main branding colour.  On one hand this may reflect an increase in women going into business or more female related services. On the other hand I did find it surprising given the  back lash against pink being marketed at little girls. It seems when it comes to marketing to women pink is all the rage.

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on fm radio … interview on the importance of brand colour and identity

Media - Radio Interview ON FM. This opens a new browser windows.

Yesterday I had the privilege once again being interviewed by Viv Oyolu, the creator and radio presenter of Dream Corner. The first time was back in September last year. Viv picked up the interview where we left off discussing the importance of colour and identity to a business brand. And this time I was joined by Lynne Stainthorpe from Big Idea, a brand specialist which was great as Lynne and I have worked together.

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in the news… the pink backlash

In the news - the pink backlash. This opens a new browser window to Pink

Little girls love the colour pink. Mothers either love it or hate it; so much so they will either buy everything for their daughter as long as it’s pink or avoid it like the plague.

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the colour group (gb)… newest committee member

Colour Group Great Britain. This opens a new browser window.

After having been a member of The Colour Group (GB), I was honoured this month to be voted in as a director, trustee and committee member alongside many eminent university professors and doctors.

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talk radio europe … interview on how colour psychology is used in branding

Talk Radio Europe - Karen Haller interviewed by Kenny Jones.

Last night I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Kenny Jones from  Talk Radio Europe, based in sunny Spain. Kenny had scheduled me in to speak for 20 minutes but before we realised, it was 40 minutes later…

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colour psychology… the meaning of pink

Colour Psychology - the meaning of pink.

Pink has been getting quite a bad rap of late. Little girls love it. Mother’s are polarised. Regardless it is colour representing the feminine. One of nurturing, maternal love.

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