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business interiors – how luxury brands use the colour black

Business Branding Interiors - Black - My House nightclub. This opens a new browser window.

Think of black interiors and sleek, ultra-modern, minimalist, dark and mysterious comes to mind. It can work perfectly depending on the mood and atmosphere you want to create. After all it’s all about creating a space that attracts your ideal customers.

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business branding colours… meaning of black

Business Branding - Black - logos.

When used by a brand whose personality communicates the qualities of black, they can be seen as sophisticated, aspirational and industry leaders. For those brands who fail to up hold this and the negative qualities will be felt. Even more so if a brand isn’t aware of the effects teaming black with another colour has. This can completely change the meaning of a colour and how the brand is seen by its ideal clients.Description:

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colour psychology… the meaning of black

How do you feel when you see black? Do you see black as mysterious and eerie, sophisticated and glamorous? Perhaps serious and a mark of excellence, or maybe even draining and tiring?

Black means all these things and depending on your own personality, aspirations and how you are feeling any of these associations to black can be expressed.

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london olympics… colourful olympic park

London Olympics - colourful olympic park - national flags

Yesterday I experienced the excitement of being at the Olympic Park, soaking up the atmosphere and watching two thrilling men’s basketball matches.

It was hard not to notice the role colour plays, from the wayfinding, national flags, wearing the colours showing the country you are supporting, spotting the volunteers to ask for help through to the beautiful wild flowers blooming everywhere.

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