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social media week – karen haller and constant contact

Social media week London 2012. This opens a new browser window.

On Tuesday I found myself at Google’s London campus as a guest of Constant Contact. I was one of their two business case studies to show how I use social media for my business.

This was part of Social Media Week, taking place in cities all over world. Knowing the room would be full of business owners wanting to understand how they could use social media to help their business, I jumped at the opportunity.

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business interiors – how businesses use green

Business branding interiors colours - green - office.

When walking into a business interior that uses the colour green, you start to relax, feel most restful, like you are back in nature. It also symbolises eco-friendly, natural ingredients and being kind to the earth.  For brands that want to show their natural side or to be seen as being green, then green is the ideal colour.

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Business branding colours… meaning of green

This month I’m looking at how the colour green is used by major brands to attract their ideal customers and get them into the ‘buying mood’.

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colour psychology… the meaning of green

Colour psychology - the meaning of green.

Did you know the human eye is able to differentiate more shades of green than any other colour? The belief behind this is one of evolution and survival when our early ancestors relied on being able to find food, water and life. We are reassured and feel safe when seeing green.

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