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Fiat Launches ‘You Wear’ – A World-First Facebook Fashion App That Reveals What Colour You Wear Most Often

FIAT YOU WEAR facebook app developed with Karen Haller

There is a famous quote from Henry Ford “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” Well FIAT are changing all that.

I’ve been working with FIAT on a fun Facebook App and now I can finally share it with you. It’s a fun and playful way to find out what colour you wear most and what that says about you. And it matches you to your car colour too. You can share your results with your friends and invited them to play too.

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women unlimited google hangout – the challenges of working from home

Women Unlimited - The Challenges of working from home - Google Hangout - Karen Haller

Yesterday I was thrilled to be asked by Julie Hall, founder of Women Unlimited Worldwide to join her and fellow guest Judy Heminsley, on a discussion about the challenges of working from home through to how to create the ideal home office. It was also my first experience on Google Hangout. I had no idea of what to expect. Thankfully Julie was at the controls.

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Business office colour and design – the Google effect

Business interior colour and design - the Google effect - Google Bee hive. This opens a new browser window.

Many of us work, or have worked in brightly lit, minimalist, grey and impersonal offices.  I’m sure if you ask someone to describe their ideal work environment, it wouldn’t be this.  No-one says Ooh I love working in a grey, bland, monochrome office.  So why there are so many offices like this?

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