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colourful Sol Le Witt at The Turner Contemporary Margate

Sol Le Witt at The Turner Contemporary Margate. This opens a new browser window.

The Turner Contemporary is the proud host to the Sol Le Witt painting 1136 which can now be seen spanning two entire walls of the upper floor gallery.

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colour in nature… when red is really orange

Colour in nature - when red is really orange - Robin red breast.

BBC QI has to be one of my favourite shows. And I especially love it when they have questions relating to colour. In this particular show, they talked about colour in nature and when red is really orange.

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colour group (gb) december event – at colour makes people happy

Colour Group (gb) December Event - at Colour Makes People Happy

Come and join us at our Colour Group GB Christmas Colour Caper.

For our 2013 December event we thought we would celebrate the pure joy that is colour! Come along and create your very own piece of unique art work. Choose your own colours and watch your art work come to life on the spinning wheel.

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business branding… are your business brand colours in alignment with your brand message?

Business Branding - Aligning your brand colours.

If there’s one thing business owners have in abundance it’s their passion – their belief in what they’re doing. They really want their brand to give the right impression knowing that first impressions count.

When we pick up a business card or a brochure, or look at an advert or a store window, colour is the first thing we take in.  We’ll be having either a positive or negative psychological reaction to the combination of colours we see. Most of the time we don’t consciously realise this is even happening.

Then what we do is we compare those feeling with the images we see, the logo, the shapes and the words we are reading.

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