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Five of my favourite colourful finds this month

Five of my favourite colourful finds this month - April 2014.

Wrapping up July with five of my favourite colourful finds. I hope you enjoy them too.

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Bringing colour into your every day with Dove & Glamour Magazine

Back in May, Dove UK launched their exciting colour confidence campaign. They asked me to teamed up with them to encourage women around the UK to embrace colour and become more colour confident.

Glamour UK magazine are now featuring up until December, monthly colour features on Bringing colour into your every day.

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The Psychology Behind the Tech Giants Office Design

In our modern, mobile world people can be productive anywhere and anytime, but this is not to say that the office is disappearing. In fact more than ever the office needs to be a place where people actually want to spend their working hours.

Contemporary offices are now more than about just functionality. They have evolved to reflect the personality and the values of the business, creating a sense of belonging for its employees.

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