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The Great British Bedroom colour survey

The Great British Bedroom Colour Survey

Following on from the posting the The Great British Bedroom Survey infographic, I was asked by Hammonds Furniture to delve a bit deeper into the results of their recent UK survey findings and what the colours we choose for the bedroom reveals about us. Continue reading

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The Great British Bedroom Survey infographic

Blog - The Great British BedroomSurvey

I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Hammonds furniture as their colour psychology expert for their campaign on bringing colour into the home.

We started with a nation-wide survey as we were really interested to find out exactly what Britain’s views are on redecorating the bedroom, their most popular colour choices and along the way we also found out the weird and wonderful things kept in the bedroom.

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recognise these brands by their colours alone?

Recognise these brands by their colours alone

This month’s brand blog I thought I’d try a little game to demonstrate how we can recognise brands by colour alone. Even if we haven’t bought anything from these major brands, through marketing and advertising we still have them stored in our subconscious memory. We only have to walk down the street or drive on the highway to see brand signs and billboards and before we’ve even read the words we have taken in the colour and we know who they are.

So here I’ve picked out six well-known brands for you to see if you can recognise who they are…

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