business branding colour … meaning of red

Business branding colour … red

Brands whose personality projects the qualities of red are outgoing, lively and energetic. They definitely want to get noticed!

colour psychology
Positive qualities of red are warmth, excitement, stimulation, energy, strength, power, physical courage. On the negative side it can come across as aggressive, defiant and confrontational. Due to its high level of energy it can be overwhelming and tiring.

When you think of the Virgin group, this brand is not shy taking on the big established firms at their own game. You could say they almost have a defiant, rebellious streak. This is a brand full of stamina, energy and there is a buzz, excitement about what they are up to next.

Coca-Cola is all about the stamina, power and the energy boost their drink provides, making red the perfect colour choice. Vodafone has established itself as a powerful, strong leader in mobile technology.

brand analysis
If you would like to know if red is the right colour for your business brand, then why not see if a  brand colour analysis is right for you. My clients find when they get their branding colours right, they really get how it represents their brand’s personality and how the right tone will increase brand recognition, attracting their target clientele and lead to increased sales.

How do you respond to a brand that uses red as their primary brand colour? How does it make you feel?

Images: Virgin, Coca-cola and Vodafone

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