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Kolormondo 3D puzzle.

If you are looking for a great colour starter tool but find flat colour wheel diagrams not that easy to understand, then the Kolormondo 3D globe might be just the thing you are looking for.

Ideal for school children or those who want to learn and understand more about colour. It’s also proving a popular educational tool for teachers and colour specialists who teach basic colour theory in an easy to understand way.

The Kolormondo 3D-puzzle allows students of all ages to discover the world of colour in a playful way. The puzzle, made of cardboard, consists of six wedges and five circles that can easily be disassembled – to examine and compare the pieces – and then be assembled again.

Kolormondo 3D puzzle - ready to assemble.

Kolormondo 3D puzzle | unpacking my puzzle, ready to assemble.


Kolormondo 3D puzzle - assembled.

Kolormondo 3D puzzle | My fully assembled colour globe!

Everybody loves colour and everybody is influenced by colour, although we are mostly unaware of it. Colour is taken for granted, despite the complexity of the subject.

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Made from sturdy cardboard the Kolormondo globe is 16cm showing 350 colours. It comes in a 3D flat pack puzzle format for easy shipping and assembly.

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Are you a colour professional?
Are you looking to enhance your existing colour knowledge, then my Advanced Colour Methods for Industry Professionals might be just what you’re been looking for.


All images: © Karen Haller


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