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one day, two great events: blue, the world’s favourite colour & why denim never fades

Blue the world's favourite colour. This opens a new browser window.

Is blue your favourite colour? Well you’re not alone if it is.  It just happens to be the world’s favourite colour!  And a good friend of mine and fellow Colour Group GB member, Janet Best, is putting on a fabulous all day event all about the colour blue.  The morning session will be on the fascinating “History of Blue” whilst the afternoon event focuses on “Why denim never fades”.

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2011 colours – crown paints retrospective

On the 3rd November I had the pleasure of being invited to the Crown Paints Press Launch  2012 where they announced their new colour trends for the new year.

The event took place at the glamorous Swarovski Crystallized Lounge, a venue where I’ve been lucky enough to attend several  industry events.

Even though this event was to showcase their 2012 spring/summer trends colours, I was really interested to see what their most popular colours were for 2011.  I just loved this display, it reminded me of being in a sweet shop!

Crown Paints 2011 colour range.

Looking at the Crown trend colours for 2011, the Top Sellers shows that homeowners are definitely getting more bold in their colour choices.  The colourful Top Sellers was a pink called Fairy Dust,  Ra Ra Red, Olive Press and the neutrals were Ivory Cream and Smoulder.

Good news is the most popular colours from this year will carried forward and promoted within the Crown Paints colour guide for 2012. This is a retail brochure produced annually which shows all Crown colours.

Next month I’ll be writing about the 2012 spring/summer trends colours which were chosen by Crown’s very own expert colour panel.

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interiors – london design festival, my 100% design finds

Interiors - 100% Design - Penelope Batley lighting. This opens a new browser window.

September in London is just back to back with interior and design tradeshows, exhibitions, seminars. You name it, it was happening!

I headed straight to 100% Design as there is always a great mix of products from leading local and overseas designers, as well as showcasing the up and coming.  I picked out a range of products to give you a flavour of what was on show from the practical, the quirky, inventive and the unexpected…

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colour & design surgery…do world events influence color trends?

Colour & Design Surgery - do world events influence color trends. This opens a new browser window.

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers.

Question: “Do world events influence color trends?”
– reader, Ke Robinson.

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weekend decorator – 7 amazing ways to turn your stairs into a design statement

Weekend Decorator stair rise - using wallpaper. This opens a new browser window.

In the first of my new series ‘weekend decorator’ I’m featuring what is probably the most under utilised surface in your home, one that you can turn into a real design statement.

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and the colour for 2011 is… yellow

Colour of the Year for 2011 is Yellow!

Each year ICI ColourFutures™ presents their colour of the year based on one dominant trend.  The trend for 2011 is ‘Appreciation’ and the colour they believe “best sums up the prevailing mood, attitude and fashion of the time” is Yellow!
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the colours of christmas

colours of christmas - metallic decorations

Decorations using trend metallic colours

Sparkles, twinkling lights and colour! It can only mean one thing. Christmas is on its way! If we haven’t already, now’s the time when we all start to think about how we can decorate our homes.
Whether you choose the more traditional colours or follow this year’s trend, each colour has a meaning both psychological and cultural. Here’s a quick explanation of what your colour choice means and some ideas how you can use them when decorating your home.
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Bejewelling your wall

Wallpaper - Graham & Brown My Wall collection. This link will open a new browser window.

If you love jewels and all things sparkly, then this wallpaper is for you!

Graham & Brown have created ‘My Wall’ collection enabling you to add a touch of colour and glamour to your home by applying small adhesive jewels to your wallpaper.

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Wall Art – Stickers

Wall stickers - birds from Spin Collective & quote from Brumebasics.

Source - Brumebasics and Spin Collective

Looking for a way to personalise your wall with little expense? Have you thought of wall stickers?

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dulux let’s colour interview

Dulux – Let’s Colour Project – Karen Haller

I’m doing what I love – surrounded by colour. Source – Dulux Let’s Colour

Dulux contacted me asking if I’d share my experience of my day spent painting Virginia Primary School and on the use of colour.

Here’s the interview – five minutes with Karen Haller.

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dulux let’s colour – Virginia Primary School

Dulux – Let’s Colour Project – Virginia Primary School playground

Source - Dulux Let's Colour

I’d read about the let’s colour initiative from dulux and how they transform grey spaces worldwide with colourful paint.  In essence, their mission is to spread colour all over the world.

As my passion is colour I knew I wanted to be part of this, so when they came to London to paint Virginia Primary School I was very fortunate to be part of the team.

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