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Question: “Do world events influence color trends?”
– reader, Ke Robinson.

Answer: Great question. World events absolutely influence colour trends. It is one of the many factors trend forecasters take into consideration when deciding on a colour palette.

Global colour trend forecasters and colour professionals from a variety of industry sectors collaborate to create biannual global colour trend palettes. This is normally twice a year spring/summer and autumn/winter.

When they’re creating the trend colour palette they look at a number of influencing factors such as economics, social, political, technology and environmental.

The process can mean a trends colour palette could take around three years from conception to entering the mainstream market, so the colour trends we see today are usually a reaction to these factors identified two to three years prior.

regional trend colours
A global trends colour palette will also contain country/regional specific accent colours, which take into account local influencing factors, including colours that hold  cultural significance.

There is nothing to stop a designer introducing a colour in reaction to an event that is happening right now, which could easily start a fad, micro or macro trend.

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Image from Global Color Research

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