colour & design surgery…how can I wear this season’s colour blocking trend & still look professional?

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This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers.

Question: “I love this season’s fashion trend of colour blocking but am a little reluctant to wear it for business meetings as I want to be taken seriously and the colours are so bright! Do you have any tips on colour combinations to wear that portray a sense of fun while maintaining professionalism?”
– Alicia Cowan, Absolute PA

Answer: Bright, bold colour blocking is certainly everywhere. It resonates with our connection to lighter, brighter days filled with sunshine.

You’re spot on saying that this trend may not translate so well in the business environment as these bright colours evoke the feelings of fun and playfulness. Not entirely appropriate if you’re trying to close a business deal (except if it was for a business that was about fun!).

fun colours
Colours that portray a sense of fun, joy, happiness are yellow, orange, any colour with a high percentage of yellow.

colour proportions
Look at changing the colour proportions. Classic blocking is usually 50/50.  So look at reducing this to a percentage that you feel is acceptable for work.  Maybe 70 serious and 30 fun colour may work for you.

colour combinations
Some serious business colours are dark blue, dark green, dark red. Look at wearing their complimentary to create balance whilst still creating the colour impact you’re looking for.   For example blue with yellow, green with red.  There’s also grey, brown and black (black for Winter linked personalities).

There are many versions of a colour so make sure you choose a tone that resonates with you and your personality. Using yellow as an example, that might be a warm sunflower or butter yellow, a cold acid lemon or greyed yellow.

These aren’t colour blocking but if you feel it is not suitable in your line of business but you still want to wear fun colours consider wearing underwear in a colour that gives you your sense of fun.

Another way is to bring your fun colours in through accessories, that could be a scarf, bangles, hairclips, anything that you felt comfortable wearing as the proportion of colour would be a personal choice.

Then, when you’re stepping out for the evening colour block to your heart’s content!

I hope that gives you a few ideas of how to bring fun into your business day through colour.

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