colour & design surgery – kitchen colour conundrum

Newsletter - 2011 May - Charlene's kitchen.

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers.

Question: “My partner and I are in our first home together and have, maybe out of laziness, decided to keep all walls white. You’ll see from our photo of kitchen that the cupboards & appliances are white too. We do love colour and would like to know what we can add to the flat to get some colour without painting the walls?”
– Charlene Hutsebaut

Answer: At present your kitchen is predominately a cool colour scheme (white & black) so using other cool colours (blue undertone) will harmoniously work best, however this may not mean those colours work best with your personalities.  Without knowing you or your partner’s personality type (which I would do in a consultation) I’m not able to provide you with a personalised colour scheme.  So I’ve jotted down a few simple yet effective ways  you can bring colour into your home.

Colour flow through
It looks like you may have an open planned kitchen.  If you are already using a colour/s in the adjoining rooms think about bringing one or more of them into the kitchen.  This can be done inexpensively through accessories such as tea towels, utensils, a picture.   A beautiful plant or vase of flowers brings colour & life.

Due to your limited space look at what you already have in your cupboards, there may be something colourful that you can bring out.  Instead of putting your  fruit and vegetables in the fridge, think of using they as a display.  Functional, practical and colourful.

Newsletter - 2011 May - colourful kitchen accessories.

Colour & Proportion
Use as much or as little colour until it feels right for you. If it’s too much then just take something away until it feels right.

Newsletter - 2011 May - colour through kitchen accessories.

Let your personality shine through
Create a home that you love, one that sustains, nurtures you and is an expression of you; not what you think you should have or just because it’s in fashion. Fill it with things that you love, fill you with joy, that resonate with you. If you create a home that is an expression of you, you can never get it wrong.

Newsletter - 2011 May - bright kitchen colours.

Remember, an interior is never static, change it as you change. Never be afraid to experiment. If it doesn’t feel right, just change it until it does.

I hope this article has given you some inspiration. You may like to look at how you can use plants, wall art, to bring colour and design into your kitchen.

“Be brave, experiment and above all, have fun!”

If you have a colour or design question you’d like answered send me an email.

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