Colour Meets Trend event and you’re invited…

Colour Meets Trend event_Karen Haller

Have you noticed that every time you open a magazine or take a trawl through social media there seems to be a new colour trend, a new predication or forecast? If you’ve ever wondered why that is and you’re interested in discovering the mysteries of the mechanics behind trend predictions from three well-known experts, then I’d love to invite you to the Colour Meets Trend event on the 1st March.

Hosted by the Colour Group (GB) Northern Chapter, the Colour Meets Trend event will be a fascinating exploration into the creation of trends.

Jo Feeley, from the colour forecasting company Trend Bible will be talking about the impact trends can have on your business and how to capitalise on them. Jennifer Wigham, who works in the field of fashion futures will be talking about the importance of colour in telling stories for your business and I of course will be talking about psychology that lies behind the trends.

Colour trends is now big business.
I’ll be exploring the trends from both a business perspective and what drives us as consumers to follow them. And I’ll also be looking at the colour trends of 2017 and what they are reflecting to us about our society.


Sound intriguing? What to know more?
Trends are big business so if you want to understand how they work then I’d highly recommend you come to this event.

Book your ticket via the links below.


Members of The Colour Group GB: Tickets are FREE book your seat here.

Non-members: You’ll need to sign up for a Colour Group GB membership first (£20 membership) and then you can book your seat.

Date: 1st March 2017
Time: 1.30pm to 4pm
Location:Northumbria University Newcastle, City Campus
2 Ellison Place
Newcastle upon Tyne

Looking forward to seeing you there for what will be a lively event.



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