colour research – multi-lingual colour naming experiment

Colour Naming Experiment. This opens a new browser window.

I love hearing about colour research projects so when I was told about this multi-lingual colour naming experiment I just had to check it out.  So why not get involved and participate in their online experiment!

The Institute of Neuroesthetics, University College London are currently conducting research on colour naming and colour categorisation within different cultures, with the aim to improve the inter-cultural colour dialogue.

taking part
The fun part is that you can take part to help develop an online colour naming model which will be based on the ‘natural’ language provided from everyone’s responses.

As part of this simple experiment you will be asked to name a series of colour samples.  It should not take longer than 10 minutes, but if you would like to quit you are free to withdraw at any time.

Be part of this colour research

Once all the responses are collated, they will be used to develop an online colour naming application to facilitate colour communication within and between different cultures.

They will even let you know the final results which I’m definitely looking forward to!

Additional Sources: Laboratory of Neurobiology

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4 Responses to colour research – multi-lingual colour naming experiment

  1. Keren Lerner says:

    Thanks Karen I just went and took the test, looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. Thanks Karen, I participated and found it extremely interesting to look at how I use the language of describing colour.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tanya,

      It’s fascinating to see how we can see the same/similar colour yet how we describe it can be completely different.

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