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Color Symbolism - royal style - Queen Elizabeth II. This opens a new browser window.

When HRH Queen Elizabeth II attended the wedding of her grandson, Prince William to Catherine Middleton, she wore striking gold.

Was she expressing how she felt, purely symbolic or just sheer coincidence?

Gold is a precious, valuable metal, which symbolises majesty, wealth, status. Worn through the centuries by royalty, senior church officials and the very wealthy.

Gold contains the colour yellow which psychologically expresses joy, happiness, optimism and celebration.  The perfect colour to wear on such a joyous and happy occasion.

Color Symbolism-royal style - Dean of Westminster greeting the Queen. This opens a new browser window.

Both the Dean of Westminster and the Queen symbolically wearing the colour gold.

Who do you feel about the colour gold? What does it mean to you?

Images via Let’s Colour

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