My new website is live!

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Over the past several months I’ve ever so quietly been working with Top Left Design on my new website.   I wanted a website that could showcase the depth of my work, be interactive and be that little bit special, and I am really happy with the end result.

In order to create this site I had to effectively become ‘my own business branding client’.  I used my applied colour psychology principals to ensure the harmonious colour palette and design style I used was in alignment with the business personality of Karen Haller colour & design.

I faced the same dilemma as everyone else when it came to the issue of how colours look on different screens.  You can have five different screens in front of you and all can show up the colours differently.  Alas we have no control over this.

But by giving Top Left Design Pantone references for the colours I had chosen, I was able to ensure that my branding colour message would be consistent throughout – from my stationery, to colour guides and website (albeit the pesky screen issue).

I love the way the site looks now, but there are two things that are my absolute favourite.  The first is the home page and how the images are in grey, yet when you hover your cursor over it, it comes to life in colour.  My other favourite thing is my blog, a wonderful creative space!

I have also jumped in to the wonderful world of blogging!  Being completely new to this, I was in very safe hands with Top Left Design, social media being one of their specialties.  My aim is to write two or three blogs each month on how we can bring colour into our lives, homes and businesses.  I will also be writing about creating the perfect interiors for you without forgoing your own individual sense style in the quest to follow trends.

I hope you enjoy looking through my site and I’d love to hear from you.


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11 Responses to My new website is live!

  1. Well done Karen! Your new website is brilliant!



  2. Jennie Harland-Khan says:

    Karen – loving the website. There is a real feel of calm and serenity about it which is perfect for showcasing you and what you are about.

    Well done, and let’s catch up!

  3. Well done with your website, Karen – looks brilliant! And very you, which is, after all, the main thing and exactly what you bring to your clients lucky enough to get to work with you!!

    Keep sharing the colour 🙂

  4. Jason Cobine says:

    Hi Karen,

    I love the colour and the style. Congratulations and well done for providing so many resources.

    Take care,


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  6. Love it, love it, love it!

    Fab new site that looks the bees knees. 🙂

  7. Nick Haines says:

    I just LOVE the new website, it is wonderful. Top Left Design have really captured the real you and your work, which I guess is why the site is wonderful.


    PS. Looking forward to reading your blogs too

  8. Lucy Elliott says:

    Excellent website Karen (and complements to Top Left Design too). Lovely looking, very stylish and a tremendous reflection on your ability. Well done – this has been done with a great deal of thought and consideration and achieves all that you wanted it to.

  9. Helen Jermyn says:

    Well done. Like you, I love the front page. Very Wizard of Oz – moving from black & white to colour. And also very clever because that’s what your work is all about – bringing colour into people’s lives – and it looks like you do it very well!

  10. Tamlyn Hall says:

    Hi Karen, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you! Looking forward to all the lovely articles you have to share!

  11. Hi Karen, love the new website! Looking forward to seeing more updates!

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