personal branding colours…. what are you saying when you wear purple

Personal branding colours – Semperey purple fashion. This will open a new browser window.

If one colour oozes opulence, decadence and luxury it has to be purple.   No surprise it was favoured by early royalty. Given they saw themselves as God’s representatives on earth, purple communicates, on a psychological level, a connection with the higher spiritual self.

When it comes to colour symbolism purple has long been associated with royalty and wealth. A became a status symbol. As the Colour Expert for Semperey Magazine, I wrote an article on the Colour of Royalty and you can view the full article below.

Personal branding colours – Semperey colour of royalty - purple. This will open a new browser window.

colour psychology – positive energy
Purple (correctly termed violet), has the shortest wavelength and is the last visible wavelength we see, creating associations to the higher realms of the universe and beyond. Purple is the colour that can help you reconnect with your higher self, your intuition? We associate it with spiritual awareness which is why it is a colour favoured by those following a spiritual vocation or when mediating.  It’s a colour for quiet contemplation.

Just be aware negatively, purple can come across as being too introspective you may find yourself spending a lot of time ‘navel gazing’. It would be easy to lose touch with reality. Using the wrong tone can communicate cheap and nasty, faster than any other colour.

a purple for everyone
Purple comes in a variety of tones such as lavender, aubergine, mauve, lilac, violet and royal purple. Like any colour, it’s important to wear the right tone of purple, the right proportion and know the effects it has in combination with the other colours you are wearing. Knowing the effect this has on you and how others may respond to you, you’ll know which situations to wear it.

How do you feel when you wear purple? How do you feel when you see others wearing purple?

Images courtesy of Semperey Magazine

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