personal colours – is black slimming…?

personal colour - is black slimming?

In Western society, designers, media and retailers often state black is slimming, yet they don’t explain what they base this on… This got me thinking about the properties of black in relation to this commonly held belief.

If we look at black, we see it is the total absorption of all light and along with it, colour (as colour is light).  Therefore if something is black it is dense, making it look heavy.

Look at the picture below, which one looks heavier, weightier?

personal colour - black and white shoes.

So if black makes an object look heavier, weightier, how does wearing black make one look slimmer?

What might actually be happening is given that black conceals, it camouflages the body and by not standing out, you’re not drawing attention to yourself…. rather than black actually making you look slimmer.

The commonly held belief that black is slimming is probably perpetuated by a culturally conditioned association over many decades continually made by designers, media and retailers.

What do you think?

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