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Happy International Colour Day!

OK, so full disclaimer here, the 21st March isn’t officially recognised as International Colour Day, the AIC (International Colour Association) have had quite a long ongoing process with UNESCO to have this day officially recognised.

But while we’re waiting, there’s no harm in celebrating it, right?

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12th International AIC Colour Congress… bringing colour to life

AIC 2013 International Colour Congress. This opens a new browser window.

Colour Olympics is coming to town! I’m very excited because the AIC (International Colour Congress) is starting on Monday 8th July. Colour societies from all over the world will be coming together to, you guessed it, talk all things colour. As this takes place every four years you could say it’s the colour equivalent of the Olympics!

The AIC congress isn’t just for the colour societies. It provides a unique forum bringing together colour practitioners, researchers, academics, designers, lighting experts, and business leaders from all over the world with the aim of sharing ideas, interacting and learning about recent advances in their fields of expertise.

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AIC International Colour Day 21st March

AIC International Colour Day March 21st

The AIC (International Colour Association) has declared March 21st  to be… International Colour Day!

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