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did you know there were eleven basic colour terms?

30 day blog challenge - day 3 - basic color terms. This opens a new browser window.

When Brent Berlin and Paul Kay introduced basic colour terms in their 1969 book ‘Basic color terms: Their Universality and Evolution’, it was the start of a new way of thinking about colour terms and colour naming.

(Day 3 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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colour psychology… psychic purple

30 day blog challenge - day 2 - colour psychology psychic purple.

I was asked by a client of mine @joannapieters “[I] worked in the new age sector for a bit, was always told purple was the psychic colour. Curious about nature of purple and why?”

(Day 2 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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business interiors – the colour purple. How to use your brand colour in the workplace

Business interiors - purple.

When it comes to your client facing areas in your office, you will want to create an interior that projects your brand’s personality and message. To not do this you will be missing out on an important marketing opportunity and it could negatively affect your brand.

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business branding colour … meaning of purple

Business branding colour - purple.

Purple or violet is a combination of the power, energy and strength of red with the integrity and truth of blue. Psychologically purple presents luxury and quality. However, use the wrong tone of purple and it’s the colour that can make a brand look cheap and tacky quicker than any other colour.

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personal branding colours…. what are you saying when you wear purple

Personal branding colours – Semperey purple fashion. This will open a new browser window.

If one colour oozes opulence, decadence and luxury it has to be purple.   No surprise it was favoured by early royalty. Given they saw themselves as God’s representatives on earth, purple communicates, on a psychological level, a connection with the higher spiritual self.

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colour psychology… the meaning of purple

Colour Psychology - the meaning of purple.

Historically, purple or violet was only available to royalty and the very wealthy because it was so expensive to make. Psychologically  purple communicates spiritual reflection and connection.

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colours in nature – the changing colours of sunset

Colours in nature - Yorkshire sunset slice violet to yellow.

I just love to sit and take the time to watch the setting sun, to see the colours change from deep violets through to golden yellows, reds and even pinks.  I was recently in Yorkshire visiting a friends and what a joy to see the most beautiful sunset.

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