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3 easy steps to banish your home’s winter blues

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Having survived the post festive season blues, we find ourselves in the burst of Spring. It’s the season that represents new growth, new beginnings, a fresh start.

If your home feels like it’s still suffering from the winter blues, here are 3 easy steps to get your spring cleaning off to a blooming start, injecting an abundance of life and light into your home!

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storage solutions for compact living

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Following on from the de-cluttering article making room for 2011, the next step is finding suitable storage to house those items you’ve decided to keep.

The key to good storage is having a place for everything and it’s easily accessible.  It’s not good if you have to keep pulling everything out to get to your most used items.

Here are some simple storage solutions that you may find useful:

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Creating the Perfect Home Office

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Office in a cupboard – simply close the doors and your room is restored.

More and more we are finding we’re in need of an office at home, whether we are working from home or just need a place to store all our household paper work.  You’ll be surprised how an office can fit into the most unlikely of spaces – under the stairs, a widow alcove, a hallway, or a cupboard.

Even the simplest of home offices can benefit from integrating the following 5 elements, making sure it’s a place you’ll want to spend time in.

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