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Why Wimbledon Wears White

It’s a wrap on another exciting Wimbledon Championships. Every summer the best players from around the world descend on SW19 for two thrilling, nail biting weeks of tennis.

I definitely had lady luck on my side this year. On three separate days I just chanced it and managed to get not only into the grounds but into the coveted Court no. 1 and Centre Court. Yes, I was beyond excited to watch some amazing matches.

Walking around the grounds, I couldn’t help notice just how well the All England Lawn Tennis Club use colour. Their iconic purple and green combination are everywhere and on everything. That’s just good business.

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bbc radio wales interview…wearing yellow gets you noticed Pippa Middleton style

BBC Radio Wales - Colour interview with Jason Mohammad.

The thing I love about radio, they are really tuned into the news of the day, as it’s happening. As a colour expert, I never know when I’m going to be called to comment on the colour stories of the day.

So it was no different last Friday morning when I received a call from Jason’s researcher, the lovely Angela asking if I could be on air in an hour to give my insights on some news stories relating to colour…

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did you know there were eleven basic colour terms?

30 day blog challenge - day 3 - basic color terms. This opens a new browser window.

When Brent Berlin and Paul Kay introduced basic colour terms in their 1969 book ‘Basic color terms: Their Universality and Evolution’, it was the start of a new way of thinking about colour terms and colour naming.

(Day 3 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

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interiors – personalising christmas with colour

Interiors - christmas colour decor - banner. This opens a new browser window.

If you’re wondering how you can move away from the traditional Christmas colours of forest green and holly red and inject some of your own personal style this season, here are three very different styles and colour palletes to inspire you.

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colour in art … black and white, perfect pairing for religious art

Colour in art - black and white - Artist Justyna Sowa Religious Milk series 'St Mary of the Trumpets'.

A friend of mine, Justyna Sowa, is having her first solo art exhibition titled “Religious Milk”.  I noticed that her work, not only having a religious theme but each piece was in black and white. This got me thinking about the symbolic significance of the colours in relation to her theme.

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do you dream in colour?

Dreaming in colour - Davina MacKail Dream Whisperer.

In our every day waking life colour has a huge impact on our moods and feelings (either learnt associations to that colour or an unconscious psychological response).  Which got me to thinking … what significance does colour have in our dreams…?
So who better to ask than Davina MacKail, the UK’s Dream Whisperer.

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colour & design surgery…how does culture influence colour?

Newsletter - 2011 August - colours in culture chart section. This opens a new browser window.

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers.

Question: “How is colour understood differently in different cultures?”
– reader, Melissa Lessi.

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colours in nature – the many colours of desert sands

Desert sand - white sand. This opens a new browser window.

In the second of my colour in nature series, I look at why desert sands can vary so much in colour; from white, yellow, red to black. Continue reading

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