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and the pantone colour for 2012 is… tangerine tango

Colour of the year 2012 - Pantone tangerine tango. This will open a new browser window.

I always get excited at the end of the year as I know the major forecasting companies are about to announce their colours for the coming year. For 2012 I’m looking at Pantone and I’m not at all surprised by their predication.

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interiors – personalising christmas with colour

Interiors - christmas colour decor - banner. This opens a new browser window.

If you’re wondering how you can move away from the traditional Christmas colours of forest green and holly red and inject some of your own personal style this season, here are three very different styles and colour palletes to inspire you.

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colour in nature… the colour of diamonds

Colours in nature - half diamond hue circle. This opens a new browser window.

In the 4th of my colour in nature series, I look at how nature creates colour in diamonds.

I was prompted to write about this given in October Christie’s New York will auction a very rare, highly saturated 32.77 carat ‘fancy vivid’ yellow diamond.

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colours in nature – the many colours of desert sands

Desert sand - white sand. This opens a new browser window.

In the second of my colour in nature series, I look at why desert sands can vary so much in colour; from white, yellow, red to black. Continue reading

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colour & design surgery…how can I wear this season’s colour blocking trend & still look professional?

Newsletter - 2011 July - colour blocking. This opens a new browser window.

This is part of the colour & design surgery series, answering questions from clients and readers.

Question: “I love this season’s fashion trend of colour blocking but am a little reluctant to wear it for business meetings as I want to be taken seriously and the colours are so bright! Do you have any tips on colour combinations to wear that portray a sense of fun while maintaining professionalism?”
– Alicia Cowan, Absolute PA

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prime location tv ad…and the subliminal meaning of yellow

When I saw the new Prime Location ad, I couldn’t help but smile, seeing all those beautiful yellow daffodils, ducks and just about anything else yellow they could get their hands on!

The advert depicts a homeowner who’s certainly very excited exclaiming
“Yellow encourages the buying emotion, it’s subliminal, but it just screams ‘buy me!’ ‘buy me!’”

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branding – why red & yellow is used by the fast food industry

Branding - red and yellow colours used in branding.

When you think of red & yellow do any brands come to mind?… I’m guessing you thought of a fast food brand. That is because they predominantly used red and yellow? This isn’t by accident.  The feelings, the mood this combination of colours emits is perfect for their target market.

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colours in nature – the changing colours of sunset

Colours in nature - Yorkshire sunset slice violet to yellow.

I just love to sit and take the time to watch the setting sun, to see the colours change from deep violets through to golden yellows, reds and even pinks.  I was recently in Yorkshire visiting a friends and what a joy to see the most beautiful sunset.

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and the colour for 2011 is… yellow

Colour of the Year for 2011 is Yellow!

Each year ICI ColourFutures™ presents their colour of the year based on one dominant trend.  The trend for 2011 is ‘Appreciation’ and the colour they believe “best sums up the prevailing mood, attitude and fashion of the time” is Yellow!
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the colours of africa

The symbolic colours of africa.

The symbolic colours of Africa.

Over Christmas I had the opportunity to travel to The Gambia, West Africa, leaving the snow behind to bathe in the beautiful sunshine.

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