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After having been a member of The Colour Group (GB), I was honoured this month to be voted in as a director, trustee and committee member alongside many eminent university professors and doctors.

The Colour Group (GB) was founded in 1940, and is an interdisciplinary society that draws together those concerned with different aspects of colour – its measurement, reproduction and perception.

Its traditions is steeped in scientific research, experiments and theories. I will definitely bring in a different perspective as I implement the practical application of the research and theories. So this will no doubt be an interesting insight into the world of colour scientists.

The committee is very active in holding regular colour events, presentations and courses. Many of the events I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts have all been organised by The Colour Group, so I’ll make sure I’ll keep you up to date with any upcoming events.  I am really looking forward to being part of the team.

If you would like to become an ordinary membership, check out the details here

The Colour Group (GB) is a registered charity (No. 1047548).

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